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Thanks again to for an insightful and entertaining keynote at .
7 hours 39 min ago
Dubai plans to equip police with electric hoverbikes.
7 hours 42 min ago
. is proud to be named to the Constellation ShortList™ Sales Force Automation short list:…
8 hours 38 min ago
. discusses the new release schedule and how it will impact customers. Read more:…
9 hours 38 min ago
RT : SugarCRM is looking for: Escalation Manager
10 hours 56 min ago
. Mobile SDK enables developers to think outside of the box! See details:
11 hours 6 min ago
So long, cubicle farms! The future of work is here. Learn more:
12 hours 37 min ago
Pitfalls to avoid when designing Advanced Workflows in Sugar: via
14 hours 15 min ago
My collection of today's and articles
15 hours 14 min ago
Which factors do innovators consider when choosing a CRM? Download our Free Guide to learn more:…
15 hours 37 min ago
Learn from the Change Makers and Avoid Regrets!
20 hours 43 min ago
SugarCRM is looking for: Advanced Support Engineer EMEA
1 day 1 hour ago
I was going to put this on my Christmas wish list until I saw the $250K price tag and not available for civilians.…
1 day 9 hours ago
ICYMI: session slides, presentations, and tutorials are now available for download:…
1 day 9 hours ago
From the blog, "5 Tips for Closing Deals in Partner-Client Opportunities":
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