Migrations & Data Services

Enable has successfully carried out hundreds of data migrations from well-known databases to custom-built programs alike as people realise the power of SugarCRM.

Migrating information from one application does not create business value in and of itself. Our role, above the physical migration itself, is to advise you how to best use the opportunity to improve the quality of your information.

We try to focus solutions towards standardised implementation in order to achieve:

  • Faster future upgrades
  • Efficient migration
  • Lower migration costs

Our data Migration Solutions employ the following steps:

  • Identifying the different information sets to be migrated
  • Creating a standardised intermediary for the migration
  • Testing alongside the relevant parties within your organisation to ensure total transparency
  • Ensuring the end-to-end mapping matches your requirements

Many CRM packages will have a number of similarities (Accounts, Leads, Opportunities and Cases) which allow end-users a seamless transition between systems. However, actually getting the data there can be an administrative nightmare for those involved.

We take the time to understand your company, its systems, and how your company uses those systems to support and store data to determine which data sets will be migrated to your Sugar environment.

We follow the same set of proven guidelines to ensure an accurate Sugar data migration every time.

1. Your data is backed up and exported to a secure server before we make any changes.

2. The data is fully analysed, noting any customisations we will need to make to ensure an accurate and successful migration.

3. This analysis will give us the basis for how we will migrate your data – no two operations are the same.

4. We take a small sample, perhaps 50-100 records, and put them into the Sugar system. We verify the success of this by running different reports and scripts.

5. When this has completed, we repeat the process with a full load of your data.

6. Once everything is in place, we run even more reports testing and verifying the accuracy of the transition.