UK Hosting Services

We created our first Server Centre back in 2004, when cloud hosting companies were not really heard of.

Back then it was really a server room hosting only SugarCRM however it evolved/relocated over time and now is classed as a UK Tier 3 secure datacentre, hosting lots of different applications on both Windows and Linux servers.

These are fully controlled and maintained by Enable Technologies with no co-location or hosting within other organisations’ data locations. As these data centres are operated and controlled by Enable Technologies, which is a UK registered company and ISO accredited, full Data Protection compliance is ensured.


Get started with Sugar immediately with the UK EnableCloud. We will install and configure any commercial Sugar Edition within our dedicated Tier 3 secure data centres. These are fully controlled and maintained by Enable Technologies with no co-location or hosting within other organisations’ data locations. As these server centres are operated and controlled by Enable Technologies, which is a UK registered company, full Data Protection compliance is ensured.

Enable Technologies servers are using LAMP stack technologies and follow the original specifications of SugarCRM to be written on the LAMP stack (Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP).

We are a committed open-source organisation and as such we are fully self-reliant on open-source components in our production environment. Any dependencies on third-party providers of software are minimal or negligible and Enable Technologies staff and operators can fully support all operational tasks.

Enable’s Hosting is inclusive of the following;
  • Sugar hosted in our secure Tier 3 UK data centres
  • Backups 4 times a day including 1 offsite backup
  • Network redundancy giving you maximum availability to your data
  • Secure Connection using SSL (https)
  • Free vanilla Installation & Configuration
  • Friendly UK Technical Support team
  • Secure Linux servers dedicated to Sugar
  • Monthly Payment option available
  • Patch upgrade and maintenance costs Inclusive
    (development not undertaken by Enable Technologies may be subject to an additional charge)
  • Add new users on a pro-rata basis to the end of your current contract period

Sugar software architecture takes advantage of the latest Internet technologies to deliver high-performance, productivity, and interaction experience. Application architecture uses technologies to intelligently cache and compress data as well as to dynamically load application components, therefore minimising the network traffic between the client and server.

Mautic Marketing

We make it easy for you to run Mautic in the cloud.

Our Mautic servies are:

Up-to-date : We track every release of Mautic and update our stack shortly after it's released.

Secure : If serious security issues are discovered, we provide new versions of Mautic as soon as possible, often within hours of the availability of a fix.

Consistent : With Enable, you get the same software stack and configuration as recommended by Mautic themselves. This makes it easy to migrate between different deployment platforms if required.

Hosted Servers

Rather than investing in physical hardware, why not consider spreading the cost with a hosted version.

The move to the cloud will be completely seamless – your users will notice no difference and you can have all your applications installed on the virtual server. You still maintain total control of your servers whilst our expert team monitor and maintain your server on a 24/7 basis.

Many vendors such as Google and Microsoft allow you to use their applications on a pay as you use basis. By paying a single monthly fee, you get full access to the application for as long as you want, without ever having to worry about upgrading.

A good and often used example of a hosted application is hosted emails. You rent individual mailboxes and pay per user. Our hosted email solutions will come with built in anti-spam and anti-virus protection so you do not need to worry about any additional outlay for this. You can add or reduce the amount of users you have fairly easily and if you later choose to have an on premise solution instead it is also fairly easy to switch.

VoIP Telephone System

Fully managed telephone services - Hosted VoIP provides a fully managed telephone service to your business, removing the need to purchase, install, maintain and upgrade expensive equipment.

You gain from a simple but powerful web portal allowing you to configure any additions, moves or changes for your telephone system in real time – increasing the efficiency of your business.

Hosted services allow businesses of all sizes to use applications and technology as a service.

It's time to put your site in the Cloud.

Database Backup

Database backups are encrypted and backed up every 4 hours and stored within the UK at all times. Our automated database backup procedures store live and off-line copies of Client data, database, and application files on a daily basis. We will also store encrypted backups at a secure off-site location until the expiration of the Client’s contract.

Client Access

Clients can request a weekly backup of their data in relational database format for storage on their own servers. Upon request, Enable technologies will provide Clients with an FTP account to download their database backup. All object relationships between accounts, contacts and opportunities as well as all other fields, remain intact in this database backup.


The entire EnableCloud hosting platform has built-in redundancy to guarantee continuous operation. The overall system is fully redundant, including each component with a parallel electrical system. AC power is delivered via distributed redundant UPS systems backed by batteries and generators. Every production server utilises redundant dual-cord power supply fed by diverse sources.

Health checks

Enable Technologies perform proactive monitoring and automated self-notification of our client’s hosted application as a means to verify that (a) an https request can be completed; (b) sessions can effectively be established and (c) server response time for the non-customised login page falls at or under 30 seconds.

Your Data. Our Security.

At Enable Technologies, we understand that your data is of top importance to you. For that reason, your data is of top importance to us, too. Our 13-page, in-depth Security Statement, should you wish to view it, is available by email; please fill in your details here if you wish to receive it.


We operate a policy of purchasing HP Compaq server units with manufacturer’s onsite warranty.


All passwords for our servers are randomly generated and held in an encrypted database which does not allow remote access.


Your files are encrypted and can only be accessed by the Applications front-end; this folder is backed up once a day and fired to a storage unit – the backed up data is sent to another secure location once a week..

Physical Theft

Our data centre is fully secured via the following means:

  • Alarmed premises which are accessible only via a combination of card-entry and key-locked doors.
  • Server room access is via internal doors only – there is no access from the outside.
  • CCTV systems in operation actively recording – remote viewing available for staff.
  • Remote monitoring via the Web of physical servers and environment with notification system pre-set.


Our UK Tier 3 datacentres are based away from any bodies of water and are not at immediate risk of succumbing to floodwaters.


The above measures are in place to ensure maximum uptime of our Servers (target: 99.9% exclusive of planned maintenance/upgrades/other scheduled activities) as well as to protect your data from physical and cyber theft.