Customisation & Development

The Enable Sugar Development team is based in the UK Head Office just outside of London, and has been developing SugarCRM solutions since the software’s initial release back in 2004.

As a result, we are confident that we are at the leading edge of the market for providing our customers new and innovative add-ons that works for their needs.

Our developers work closely with our project managers, following the agile software development protocol. In short, this means that as we introduce new versions for existing plug-ins they are fully tested every step of the way; our new products follow the same processes so you can be sure that at the point of deployment we have put each release through its paces.

Any work carried out by our developers is subject to the same unit testing, using both Jenkins servers and auto unit testing methods.

Generally speaking, our customisation/integration procedures normally follow these guidelines:

  • Analyse the business process
  • Determine customisation requirements and specifications
  • Approve and freeze customisation specifications
  • Develop the customisation
  • Review the customisation
  • Test the system
  • Get a pilot group to use the product
  • Finish the customisation
  • Process audit
  • Deliver to customer

The licence subscription with SugarCRM includes an open API for which calls are included at no extra cost.