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How Wix solved the growing pains of going from a 20-person startup to 1,000

"Humans' strongest motivation is having someone pay attention to their efforts and getting recognition. The fact that at our Wix parties I can approach any one of the employees and talk to them about what they do, this blows their minds. They're like 'how do you know?' and the answer is dapulse. Do you know what that does to their motivation?" - Avishai Abrahami, CEO and Co-founder // Global web development platform

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About Wix

Once a small startup that exploded overnight into a massive company, Wix today has 73 million users and lets anyone build their own stunning website with no coding or design needed. It's now a $1 billion company with a team of 1,000 across 16 cities in 6 countries.

The problem

We had crazy growth as a company. We went from 50 employees to over a 1000 within a couple of years. This was incredible, but of course it came with growing pains.
We had no idea what anyone else was doing, we spent way too much time in meetings and had no way of communicating properly. I also really needed to maintain the culture we had as a small team where people feel constantly excited and valued.

The solution

With dapulse, even the most basic behaviour generates amazing value. Like someone from the studio posting a new design they've created and suddenly each and every employee gets to know what's being done by the studio, or R&D, or Product.
Another thing – at 60 employees, people start losing track of who else works in the company and who's in charge of what. With dapulse, even today with over 1000 employees, almost everyone knows who's in charge of what, because they see the updates in dapulse. Stuff like 'Sara deployed a new feature to Mobile' or 'Jenny launched a new campaign'.
dapulse serves as a handshake between departments. The transparency that it creates saves insane amounts of time on meetings, phone calls, emails and miscommunication.

The benefits

The value I get from this as a CEO is huge. I know everything that's going on at Wix – it's transparent! This helped us grow because, when you had 3 people doing marketing, you'd catch up over lunch, at 10 people you're already losing track and at 30 you have no idea what's going on. With dapulse you naturally get to know what they do and it feels as if you caught up over lunch. It cuts out wasted time on meetings, conference calls and all the effort and pain involved in understanding what people are working on. Now you can use all that time to learn about their ideas, visions and plans.
I can't say I know all 1000 Wix employees, but I know many of them and it's all thanks to dapulse.

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