Case Studies

How one video production agency gained instant insight into their customer lifecycle

"dapulse has shortened the life cycle for our clients. Before dapulse, if we had an unresponsive client, it took us about a month to realise it and reach back out. With dapulse, we instantly see what we need from each client and we’re able to remain very proactive." - Hope Horner, CEO and Founder Lemonlight Media // Video production and marketing agency

How one digital marketing agency got addicted to turning things green and making clients super happy

"We have better ideas and finish things faster because people care more. There's so much more transparency in the projects now, which means planning is more dynamic. This lets us move faster and get better results." - Emilia Nilsson, Parter & Search Strategist Raw Digital // Boutique online marketing agency

How one online marketplace completely eliminated emails (yes, really)

" (dapulse) helps fiverr maintain its DNA while rapidly growing by promoting transparency and collaboration between everyone in the team. It's a great tool for companies who experience growth." - Shai Wininger, Co-Founder fiverr // Global online marketplace

How Wix solved the growing pains of going from a 20-person startup to 1,000

"Humans' strongest motivation is having someone pay attention to their efforts and getting recognition. The fact that at our Wix parties I can approach any one of the employees and talk to them about what they do, this blows their minds. They're like 'how do you know?' and the answer is dapulse. Do you know what that does to their motivation?" - Avishai Abrahami, CEO and Co-founder // Global web development platform

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