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Why Your Business Needs a Great CRM

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With more powerful and advanced technology continuously emerging, standing out in the eye of the customer has become a unique challenge these days. Great technology alone doesn't set you apart anymore; consumers and business buyers alike now have more buying power today than ever before. Thanks to digital disruptors such as Amazon and Netflix, buyers expect you to know them, automatically suggesting the next show to watch or next purchase to consider barely after completing the last. Raises $50million

Sara's picture is a Tel Aviv based team collaboration software, with offices around the world. They have managed to raise $50 million in a new round of funding, bringing their total raised so far to $84million, and their pre-money valuation rumoured to be close to $500 million! This funding was led by New York-based growth equity firm Stripes Group, securing participation from existing investors as well as securing a strategic line of credit form LeumiTech, the technology arm of Israel's Bank Leumi.


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