How SugarCRM's Hint Can Save You Time!

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Top Hints about SugarCRM’s Hint!

The release of SugarCRM’s Hint plugin has created a lot of disruption within the CRM marketplace, and is now available in the UK. Lets see what all the fuss is about!

What is Hint?
SugarCRM Hint is the flagship product of Sugar’s new Relationship Intelligence efforts. It streamlines the time-consuming process of collating customer information by pulling their full social and corporate profiles from over 70 data sources. Hint works by using a customers name and email ID to automatically search the internet for the most recent information available, relating to personal and company profiles. With a few simple clicks, a sometimes lengthy and un-fruitful process can be automatically completed in mere seconds. The wide range of information is immediately inputted into the correct field of the customer record.

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Fields that Hint Searches

Personal Fields Company Fields
Social Media Profiles Social Media Profiles
Contact info (phone numbers, etc.) Company size
Current position & company Industry
Education Location
Previous jobs Description

Alongside the social media profiles that appear, a complete CRM Activity History is also viewable, containing calls, meetings, emails and other activities. This, paired with direct links to all social media profiles featured, enable user to quickly build up an accurate picture of how active and involved each customer is.

What are the Benefits?
On average, sales representatives spend roughly 30% of their time researching a prospect and collating information. Hint by SugarCRM does this for you, therefore enabling the sales rep to free up 30% of their time, this can be spent calling more leads, ultimately leading to more sales. The personalisation that Hint allows can also make the customers feel more welcome and confident that they will be appropriately taken care of.


  • Available June 27th for Sugar Professional, Enterprise, and Ultimate Editions
  • Requires Sugar 7.8 and above
  • $15 per user per month = $180 annual list price
  • 1:1 requirement with Sugar License

Find out what Analysts think
Nucleus Research have completed an analysts report on how valuable Hint can be for your business.

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