The Top Six Things CRM Can Do For You

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CRM allows you to gather and manage all your valuable customer data in a centralised location.

CRM is about gaining and retaining customers. By leveraging a CRM system, organisations can document and react to a customer’s experience based on information collected over time.

There are many benefits to implementing a CRM system, but the top six things CRM can do for you are:

How SugarCRM's Hint Can Save You Time!

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Top Hints about SugarCRM’s Hint!

The release of SugarCRM’s Hint plugin has created a lot of disruption within the CRM marketplace. Lets see what all the fuss is about!

Fields that Hint Searches

Personal Fields Company Fields
Social Media Profiles Social Media Profiles
Contact info (phone numbers, etc.) Company size
Current position & company Industry
Education Location
Previous jobs Description

What are the Benefits?
On average, sales representatives spend roughly 30% of their time researching a prospect and collating information. Hint by SugarCRM does this for you, therefore enabling the sales rep to free up 30% of their time, this can be spent calling more leads, ultimately leading to more sales. The personalisation that Hint allows can also make the customers feel more welcome and confident that they will be appropriately taken care of.


Business Choice Awards 2017: CRM Winner : SugarCRM

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You think you're selling a product or a service, but what you're really selling is a relationship. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions organise and manage customer interactions.

Customer interactions over time form relationships. Strong relationships mean happy customers. Happy customers mean more purchases. So a good CRM tool can keep your business focused on building and maintaining customer happiness, which in turn boosts revenue to increase your happiness.

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