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Please Share!! I saw this on another social media post and wanted to share on here.

While I sat in Gregg's drinking my brew and eating my sandwich 2 paramedics came in and joined the queue waiting to get their morning breakfast and cuppa. Just as they got to the till they got a shout on the radio , they both laughed at each other and said we never wanted one anyway. They both rushed out to help someone, possibly even save their life's.

Why did the chicken cross the road?

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Chicken Crossing Signpost

Everyone has, at some point in their life, been asked this question. Everyone will no doubt be prepared to give their answer.

So how do you know that YOUR answer is, in fact, the ACTUAL reason why said chicken made the journey which has been questioned for so long?

More importantly, who was trying to find out the answer to that question in the first instance and for what reason?

Was there more to the question than the simple on-the-surface one we now hear?

What is your CRM ethos?

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CRM Ethos

When it comes to rolling out a new CRM system, one of the first questions that you should be asking is, “Why are we using a CRM?”

Your employees’ attitudes towards the organisation’s CRM system can greatly affect its success and user adoption which, as highlighted in previous blogs, can have a major effect on your company’s growth and your customers’ experiences and, therefore, having a clear view as to why the CRM is being implemented can help to reduce push back from staff.


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